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Vintage art framed

Vintage art framed in the interior can be both the main accent and a harmonious addition to the design. It all depends on the style of the room and the taste of the owners. ... Vintage poster for the interior - an opportunity to create a certain aura, mood, give the room aesthetic sophistication and originality. They emphasize the style, help to model the space.

Schemes for the correct placement of posters in the interior. A lot of photos, a choice of style colors, modern design, as well as the secrets and tricks of a successful combination with interior elements. ... Vintage posters for the interior of a room are a reflection of aesthetic priorities, artistic taste, which change over time. In order to correctly fit this or that picture into the interior, you need to have an idea about some of the intricacies of creating a single space where the picture will become an organic part of the design. vintage art framed


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